Backcountry snowboard day on the Olympic peninsula.

A wise old Native American friend once told me, trees on mountain white, go snowboarding, trees on mountain green go surfing.

OVC blog
Hurricane Ridge from the Log Cabin back deck

Obviously this was going to be a snowboard day.
Loaded up the rig and 17 miles later I was at the “Ridge” the best kept secret in WA.

OVCrode to the ridge.jpg
Almost there

Although one of the smaller ski areas in the state it makes up for size a few different ways. It has great beginner terrain as well as intermediate and advanced terrain. The area is the kind of place where locals drop off the kids in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day.  A true throw back to a bygone carefree era.

OVC bunny
Bunny tow

But really what sets the Ridge apart is the unlimited access to both lift served and hike to backcountry skiing and snowboarding. From the top of the intermediate lift you have access to about 3 miles of ridge line with runs dropping down to the road for an easy hitch hike back to the ski area. Or you can drop down the other side of the ridge line and skin back out. There are also countless acres of terrain to access from the parking lot and spots along the road. It is well worth a visit for a day, weekend or a lifetime.

OVC backcountry
Sunrise Ridge
OVC bacountry2
Sunrise Ridge to Mt Angeles for ski area info for info on Olympic Nat Park for ski and snowboard rentals



Author: The Maintenance Guy At Olympic View Cabins

The Maintenance Guy Is Frank Crippen. He does the maintenance for OVC as well as dabbles in internet geek stuff and marketing for a few different companies on the Olympic Peninsula. He is also the owner of North By Northwest, a surf, skate and snowboard shop in business in Port Angeles for over 22 years.

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