The Triple S

You roll into your favorite watering hole, pub, restaurant or gathering spot of your choice. It’s Sunday and everyone has a story to tell about their weekend adventures. Player one, Johnny, pulls out his phone opens up a pic of a super fun day surfing La Push, raving about how good the sunset was, not to mention the surf.

la sunset.jpg
Sunset at La Push

Player two chimes in about how he killed it snowboarding at the Ridge today, then unlocks his phone to show the proof with a pair of powder shots.

Sunrise Run at  Hurricane Ridge
Gullywood at Hurricane Ridge

They all had top notch pics but I new I could top them this weekend. It’s now down to me. How should I play my cards? I decide to lay down my 3 of a different kind hand, yes the world famous but hard to achieve, Triple S. Surf, Skate and Snowboard in a single day. There are only a few places in the world were this can be done. And there is only one place it can be done and still be back in time to get your cabin at OVC ready for your check in  at 3:00!

Sunrise surf on the Straight Of Juan De Fuca
We ride in the Olympics every day
Port Angeles Skatepark.

Triple S. Done and Done. I better start planning my next weekend now if I want to stay on top of our weekly adventure game.

Surf Forecast

Snow Forecast

Skate Weather

Author: The Maintenance Guy At Olympic View Cabins

The Maintenance Guy Is Frank Crippen. He does the maintenance for OVC as well as dabbles in internet geek stuff and marketing for a few different companies on the Olympic Peninsula. He is also the owner of North By Northwest, a surf, skate and snowboard shop in business in Port Angeles for over 22 years.

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