Gone Hunting

Hunting for internet links on Olympic View cabins that is.

We spend a lot of time trying to show people what to expect when they book a stay at OVC. That means adding fresh pictures, content, activities and even our new webcam page to our rental listings and website.

We have control over that content but I wanted to see what the internet had to say about Olympic View and this is what I found.

Lonely Planet. I used lonely Planet guides all over Europe and it never let me down. Small but a good review for us.

Intimate Weddings.  A wedding website. Looks like a nice wedding at OVC.

Pinterest. Looks like the Pond Cottage gets pinned a lot on Pinterest. Why isn’t the Compass Rose or Log Cabin on there? Maybe a different search term would bring them up?

Small House Bliss. Looks like the Small/Tiny House movement has taken a shine to the Pond Cottage.

???????  Don’t have a clue but were 1st!

Puget Sound Express. They guaranty they will find you whales. They found us.

The Pictram. Some kind of Instagram aggregate.

Cabin Obsession. 3 pages, all about OVC!.

Yandex. Dont speak Russian.

Youtube.  Cool video from youtube.

Well that was fun. Didn’t find anything bad so that is good. Will try this again another day with other search terms.


Author: The Maintenance Guy At Olympic View Cabins

The Maintenance Guy Is Frank Crippen. He does the maintenance for OVC as well as dabbles in internet geek stuff and marketing for a few different companies on the Olympic Peninsula. He is also the owner of North By Northwest, a surf, skate and snowboard shop in business in Port Angeles for over 22 years.

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