That’s it, That’s all

It creeps up slowly and then Bang it’s all over. Were talking about winter that is. The fruit trees are starting to bloom and the snowline is starting to move up the mountains. See for yourself with our new webcam.

For me though it can be a tough time of year because it’s time to say goodbye to my best friend for the last 5 months, The Hurricane Ridge Ski Area. The last weekend for lift serviced skiing and snowboarding is this weekend. It’s been a great season and the last month has been filled with fun events like the family friendly citizens races.

As well as one of the largest snowskate contest in the world, Strapless Weekend In The Olympics.

Now it’s down to the last weekend of the season, insert sad emoji here.

Don’t worry about me though, I have plenty still to do. Now I have to get ready for skate season, surf season, hiking season, biking season, BBQ season, outdoor cocktail season, pool season. Whew, were did the time go it will be snow season time before I know it.



Author: The Maintenance Guy At Olympic View Cabins

The Maintenance Guy Is Frank Crippen. He does the maintenance for OVC as well as dabbles in internet geek stuff and marketing for a few different companies on the Olympic Peninsula. He is also the owner of North By Northwest, a surf, skate and snowboard shop in business in Port Angeles for over 22 years.

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